Dr. Genevieve Ali

Dr. Genevieve Ali
Watershed hydrology and hydrological modelling
232/520 Wallace Building
125 Dysart Road
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
(204) 474-7266


  • Ph.D., University of Montreal (Geography/Process hydrology)
  • B.Sc. Honours, University of Montreal (Environmental Geography)


  •  Process hydrology
  • Hydrologic connectivity
  • Watershed classification
  • Hydrological modeling
  • Hydrometric data monitoring
  • Environmental and isotopic tracer studies
  • Scale and scaling issues
  • Geostatistics and multivariate statistics


  • Prairie runoff generation in response to specific snowmelt or rainfall events
  • Relative influence of legacy and contemporary nutrient sources on surface water quality
    Spatial variability of watershed mean transit times
  • Classification, resistance and resilience of Prairie watersheds
  • Coupled hydrological and biogeochemical characterization of artificially drained watersheds
  • Critical assessment criteria to identify priority areas for wetland conservation and restoration
  • Identification of an optimal sampling frequencies for water quality monitoring in Prairie watersheds


  • Watershed sciences
  • Principles of hydrology


  • Evolving questions in watershed sciences


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* Ali, G., Baldwin, C., and English, C. (2013). ‘Upscaling of soil erosion indicator models in a Canadian Prairie watershed – A case study on the applicability of the NAHARP erosion indicator models at the watershed level’, Report prepared for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 28 p.

* Ali, G., Tetzlaff, D., Soulsby, C. and McDonnell, J. (2012). Topographic, pedologic and climatic interactions influencing streamflow generation at multiple catchment scales, Hydrological Processes, 26(25), doi: 10.1002/hyp.8416

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–> Manuscript chosen by the journal editors as a featured paper in 2010-2011
–> Manuscript featured as an “AGU Research Spotlight” in the American Geophysical Union weekly newspaper Eos (Vol. 92, No. 18, 3 May 2011)

* Ali, G., Roy, A. G. and Legendre, P. (2010). ‘Spatial Relationships between Soil Moisture Patterns and Topographic Variables at Multiple Scales in a Humid Temperate Forested Catchment’, Water Resources Research, 46, W10526, doi:10.1029/2009WR008804.

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