2015 Winner, Undergraduate Research Poster Competition


Yana Tyomkin
Undergraduate, 2015
Geological Sciences

Yana is the winner of the Undergraduate Research Poster Competition for 2015 for the Natural Sciences category. 

2013 Winner of the Roebling Medal


Frank Hawthorne
Distinguished Professor,
Geological Sciences

Frank is the 2013 winner of the Roebling Medal, the highest award of the Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) for scientific eminence as represented primarily by scientific publication of outstanding original research in mineralogy.

2013 Young Scientist Award to Kimberly Tait

Image courtesy of the Royal Ontario
Museum ©ROM, 2012

Kimberly Tait
Master of Science, 2002
Geological Sciences

The Mineralogical Association of Canada has announced that Kimberly Tait is the 2013 winner of its Young Scientist Award

Olivier Gagne, MAC Foundation Scholarship Winner



Olivier Gagne
Doctor of Philosophy Candidate, Geological Sciences

Olivier Gagne graduated with a BSc in chemistry from the University of Ottawa in 2009 with high honours.  He moved to Winnipeg to start an MSc in geological sciences with Frank Hawthorne and transferred to the PhD program in September 2010.  He has developed a 4-step approach that showcases the usefulness of the bond length-to-bond strength correlation of bond valence theory in addressing mineralogical and crystallographic concepts revolving around the stability of crystal structures.  The key concept of the approach lies in the calculated set of ideal bond valences.  Subtle variations in the parameters (e.g. connectivity) of a crystal structure yield different sets of ideal bond valences, some more stable than others.  By varying the appropriate parameters, one can study solid solution, symmetry, order/disorder, etc., while the inexistence of minerals or the plausibility of yet-to-be-observed minerals can be predicted.

Sam Snelling, WIUGC 2013 Award Winner

The last day of the conference consisted of eight student research presentations, (two graduate and six undergraduate) and several industry presentations.  The CSPG Award for Best Petroleum-Related Presentation went to Samuel Snelling for his talk on "Resevoir Quality Analysis of the Middl Member of the McMurry Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Foster Creek Area, northeastern Alberta".  The talk also won the "Best Undergraduate Thesis Presentation," which presents research Samuel completed under the supervision of Dr. Nancy Chow, a sedimentology professor at the University of Manitoba.

Geophysics Students Win International SEG Challenge Bowl

Right:  Tim Hayward and Taras Zaporozan

A contingent of geophysics students recently attended the annual Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Meeting in Houston, Texas. The University of Manitoba, in the persons of Tim Hayward and Taras Zaporozan, represented Canada in the international SEG Challenge Bowl, held during the meeting. Taras and Tim had secured the Canadian slot in the international competition by winning the SEG Challenge Bowl (Canada) in Calgary (May 2013).

And now…. They are the winners of the international competition 2013. Full details and photos are on the SEG web-site:

Congratulations to Tim and Taras, and to their enthusiastic comrades from the U of M who cheered them on.