University of Manitoba - Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources - Department of Geological Sciences - Graduating Classes 2010-13
Graduating Classes 2010-13

The Graduating Class of 2013

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Fawn Last
“Carbon Microbialite Formation in a Prairie Saline Lake in Saskatchewan”

Master of Science

Laura Bergen
“Uranium in the environment: a characterization and comparison of uranium mobility in ancient and modern sediments”

Shaun Gallagher
“Geology, Geochemistry and Geochronology of the East Bay Gold Trend, Red Lake, Ontario, Canada”

Ryan Sharpe
“The Geochemistry And Geochronology Of The Bong Uranium Deposit, Thelon Basic, Nunavut, Canada”

Lori Stewart
“Paleoenvironment, Paleoecology & Stratigraphy of the Uppermost Ordovician Section N of Grand Rapids, MB”

BSc GSc (Honours) Geology

Lauren Eggie
Thesis: “Sedimentology and Petroleum Reservoir Potential of the Middle Unit of the Wymark Member in the Upper Devonian Duperow Formation, Southwestern Manitoba” (2012)
Department Honours Thesis Prize 2012 and Riddell Faculty Honours Thesis Prize (2012)

Nicolas Garroni
Thesis: “Genesis of the Carbonate Hardgrounds from Sleaford Mere, South Australia, Australia”

Maggie Gregorchuk
Thesis: “Geology and Stratigraphy of the Rusty Extension Property, Oxford Lake, Manitoba, Canada”

Erik Pietrus
Thesis: “Sedimentological Analysis and Petroleum Reservoir Potential of the Lower Silurian Ekwan River Formation, Hudson Bay Basin, Northeastern Manitoba”

Akhil Ramdoyal
Thesis: “Lithofacies Analysis, Diagenesis and Petroleum Reservoir Potential of the Lower Silurian Attawapiskat Formation, Hudson Bay Basin, Northeastern Manitoba” (2012)

David Real
Thesis: “Watershed and Riparian Zone Characteristics and their Relation to Surface Water Quality within the South Tobacco Creek Watershed”

Safya Saleem
Thesis: “Petrological, geochemical and mineralogical analysis of alkaline silicate and carbonate rocks from Sturgeon Narrows, Northwestern Ontario” (2012)

Erica Tetlock
Thesis: “Paragenesis and geochronology of the Shea Creek unconformity-related uranium deposits, western Athabasca Basin, Canada”

Scott Tokaryk
Thesis: “Petrography and Geochemistry of the Mid-Cretaceous Instrusive Ricks, Ida Oro Property, Dawson Mining District, Yukon Territory, Canada”

Callan Wai
Thesis: “Genesis and Diagenesis of Holocene Carbonate Hardgrounds and Microbialites from Lake Bullenmerri, Victoria, Australia”

Brent Zuzens
Thesis: “Crystal Chemistry of Unusual Bavenite Series Minerals from a Granitic Pegmatite at Pilawa Gorna, Lower Silesia, Poland”

BSc GSc (Honours) Geophysics

Ian Deniset
Thesis: “Investigating upper-mantle and lithospheric fabric across the south-west edge of the Superior Province by shear-wave splitting” (2012)

Joe McLeod
Thesis: “Assessment of the Electrical Resistivity Structure of the Northwest Superior Craton and Adjacent Trans-Hudson Orogen”
Department Honours Thesis Prize and Riddell Faculty Honours Thesis Prize (2013)

BSc GSc (Major) Geology

Stephanie Bell
Daniel Campbell
William Ferris
David Heavysege (Technical Report Prize 2013)
Dan Hrabok
W. Thomas Kirton
Lee Lafreniere
Bryce Martin
Erin Neufeld
Erunmwunse Odaro
Andrew Piotrowski
Jerrold Rentz
Alan Rich
Jesse Spacek
Matt Wilson

BSc GSc (Major) Geophysics

Mandeep Bhardwaj
Tyler Bourke
Ubong Udoumanah

BSc GSc (General)

Evalyne Arasa
Stephen Busilla
R. Matt Smith


The Graduating Class of 2012

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Aaron Lussier
“Zonation in Tourmaline from Granitic Pegmatites & the Occurrence of Tetrahedrally Coordinated Aluminum and Boron in Tourmaline”
University of Manitoba Distinguished Dissertation Award 2013

Master of Science

Ryan Kressall
“The Petrology, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Cinder Lake Alkaline Intrusive Complex, Eastern Manitoba”

Patrick Solylo
“Mobility of elements from cesium formate residue emplacedon pegmatite tailings, Bernick Lake, Manitoba, Canada”

BSc GSc (Honours) Geology

Michal Bembnista
Thesis: “Cyclomorphism and Growth Rates in the Late Ordovician Solitary Rugose Coral Grewingkia canadensis, Cincinnati Arch Region”

Aura Diaz
Thesis: “Sedimentological Anomalies in the Late Glacial Stratigraphic Section at Flintstone Hill, Manitoba”

Brett Duncan
Thesis: “Stratigraphy and Facies Analysis of Uppermost Ordovician to Lowermost Silurian Strata in the Whitebear Creek Core, Hudson Bay Basin, Northern Manitoba”

Carolyn Hudek
Thesis: “Geology and Gold Mineralization in the Boundary Zone, Snow Lake Mine, Snow Lake, Manitoba”

Guillaume Lafond
Thesis: “Understanding the Redox State of Neoproterozoic Oceans: A Geochemical Study of Shales from the Second Member of the Wynniatt Formation, Minto Inlier, Northwest Territories, Canada” (2011)

Kathryn Lapenskie
Thesis: “Depositional and Faunal Changes in the Upper Ordovician to Lower Silurian of Core M-4-03, from near Churchill, Manitoba”

Conner McKay
Thesis: “Petrology and Mineralogy of Newly Discovered Carbonatite Dykes at Tamazert, Eastern Morocco”

Kevin Neyedley
Thesis: “Comparing Auriferous and Barren Vein Systems at the 007 Zone Gold Deposit, Bissett, Manitoba”

Lanu Odutola Osinaike
Thesis: “Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Carbonatite Dikes Emplaced in Cambrian Metasedimentary Rocks at Aley, Northern British Columbia” (2011)

Tassia Stainton
Thesis: “Defining the Winnipeg River and Western Wabigoon Terrane Boundary, North West Hawk Lake, southeastern Manitoba”

Sarah Wilcott
Thesis: “Geology and Stratigraphy of the Northwest Zone of the Bending Lake Iron Formation, Northwestern Ontario”

BSc GSc (Honours) Geophysics

Taras Zaporozan
Thesis: “Electromagnetic and magnetic imaging of the Spiritwood Valley buried aquifer near Cartwright, Manitoba”

BSc GSc (Major) Geology

Jennifer Amaechi
Todd Archer
Alfred Chan
Christopher Etuk
Kevin Halverson (Technical Report Prize 2012)
Adrian Kowalchuk
Troy Miller
Valene Sathiakanthan
G. Burt Steuart
Braden Zurbyk

BSc GSc (Major) Geophysics

Ogagaoghene Emujakporue (Technical Report Prize 2012)

BSc GSc General

Michael Butler
Kitana Degen
Graeme Patrick
Erik Rowson


The Graduating Class of 2011

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Ekaterina Reguir
“Distribution of Incompatible Trace Elements in Rock-Forming and Accessory Minerals from Carbonatites as a Tracer of Magma Evolution”

Master of Science

Morounkeji Olaleye 
Receiver Function Analysis of Crustal and Upper Mantle Layering across the Western Superior Province”

BSc GSc Honours Geology

Kent Crozier
Thesis: “The Structure and Petrology of Showing 3, Jeep Property, North Caribou Superterrane, Manitoba”

Adrian Dowsett
Thesis: “Characterization and Analysis of Offshore Sediments from Manito Lake, Saskatchewan”

Heather Kyle
Thesis: “Geology of the Sirdar Deformation Zone, Shoal Lake, Northwestern Ontario”

Kristine Novakowski
Thesis: “A study of varved clays and their significance to the history of the deglaciation of Lake Agassiz in northwestern Ontario”

Byron Ohryn
Thesis: “Origin of the Pyroxene-Bearing Syenitic Rocks of the Eden Lake Complex West Grid, Manitoba” (Thesis completed at Brandon University)

Laura Pisiak
Thesis: “Paragenetic and Geochemical Constraints on Niobium Mineralization in the Aley Carbonatite Complex, British Columbia Department and Riddell Faculty Thesis prizes”
Department Honours Thesis Prize and Riddell Faculty Honours Thesis Prize (2011)

Mat Porter
Thesis: “Stratigraphy and Depositional History of the Upper Stony Mountain and Lower Stonewall Formations in the Stonewall Area, Southern Manitoba”

Mercedes Rich
Thesis: “Mineralogy, Geochemisty and Mantle Sources of Subvolcanic Carbonatites from Kontozero, Kola Peninsula, Russia”

Devin Vessey
Thesis: “Mineralogical Analysis of Lake of the Woods Cores and the Source of Sediment”

Benjamin Wheadon
Thesis: “Ordovician-Silurian Boundary Interval near Churchill, Manitoba: Lithostratigraphy, Chemostratigraphy and Biostratigraphy of Airport Cove West Core and Quarry Samples”

May Wong
Thesis: “Lithofacies Analysis and Stratigraphic Correlation of the Upper Ordovician Red Head Rapids Formation, Hudson Bay Basin, Northeastern Manitoba”

Matthew Zago
Thesis: “Petrographic and Geochemical Study of Two North Trending Dikes with Opposite Magnetic Polarity in the Region East of the Nipigon Embayment”

BSc GSc Honours Geophysics

Obumneme Akaranta
Thesis: “Evaluation of the Resistivity Structure of the Flin Flon belt and Chisel Lake Deposits, using the Magnetotelluric Method”

BSc GSc Major Geology

Alexa Dettman
M. Ian Dickie
Ayman Etbail
Henry Hecky
Paul Malegus
Kammy Lagasse
Scott Taylor
Christopher Watters

BSc GSc (General)

Omotayo Adewumni
Udeze Osolu


The Graduating Class of 2010

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Lisa Friedrich
“Otolith Microchemistry: The Geochemical Link between Environment and Biomineralization in Fish”

Master of Science

Charles Beshears
“The Geology and Geochemistry of the Millennium Uranium Deposit, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada”

Trevor Mellors
“Holocene Paleohydrology from Lake of the Woods and Shoal Lake Cores Using Ostracodes, Thecamoebians, and Sediment Properties”

BSc GSc (Honours) Geology

Gregory Ashcroft
Thesis: “A detailed petrographic and geochemical analysis of the trachyandesite and target rocks within the Lake St. Martin impact structure”

Laura Bergen
Thesis: “Petrography and geochronology of the Pele Mountain quartz-pebble conglomerate uranium deposit, Elliot Lake District, Canada”

Matthew Demski
The Ordovician-Silurian Boundary in the Williston Basin Outcrop Belt of Central Manitoba: New Data and Reinterpretations”
Department Honours Thesis Prize and Riddell Faculty Honours Thesis Prize 2010

Shaun Gallagher
Thesis: “Petrography and geochemistry of the Bruce Channel Zone, Gold Eagle gold deposit, Red Lake, Ontario”

Jennifer Greville
Thesis: “A Petrographic and Geochemical Study of Arsenopyrite at the New Britannia Gold Mine, Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada”

Brigitte Harding
Thesis: “In-Situ Sulphur Isotope Microanalysis of Sulphides from the Thompson Nickel Belt, Manitoba” (2009)”

Christopher Rawluk
Thesis: “Sedimentology of Silurian Interlake group dolostones near Duck Bay, west-central Manitoba”

Laura Ryan
Thesis: “A petrological and mineralogical study of.0 carbonatites from the Paint Lake area in central Manitoba”

Ryan Sharpe
Thesis: “Geochronology of uranium minerals from the Huron Claim Pegmatite, southeastern Manitoba, Canada”

Tamara Taras
Thesis: “A geologic analysis of gold mineralization from the Upper Manitou Lakes area, Wabigoon Subprovince, northwestern Ontario”

Stephen Uzozie
Thesis: “Petrographic and geochemical analysis of dolomite in the Permian Pha Nok Khao formation, northeastern Thailand”

BSc GSc (Honours) Geophysics

Cassandra Tycholiz
Thesis: “Investigation of the electrical resistivity structure of the crust and upper mantle at Lake Nipigon, Ontario using the magnetotelluric method”

BSc GSc (Major) Geology

Aisyah Abdkahar
Carlos Chamale
Jason Dankowski (October 2009)
Stephanie Edmonds
Tsukimi Nemoto
Devin Pickell
Ruth Scott


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Earth Ring Ceremony, Class of 2013


Scott Tokaryk, 2013 BSc GSc (Honours) Geology





























Class of 2012, Undergraduate Dinner

Patrick Solylo
Master of Science, 2012
































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Earth Ring Ceremony, Class of 2010


Matthew Demski, 2010
Deparment Honours Thesis Prize and
Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources HonoursThesis Prize
(Left:  Graham Young,  Centre:  Matthew Demski,  Right: Rober Elias)


Lisa Friedrich
Doctor of Philosophy, 2010