BaySys - List of Publications

Team 1

Jack C. Landy; Jens K. Ehn; David Babb; Nathalie Theriault; David G. Barber (2017). "Sea ice thickness in the Eastern Canadian Arctic : Hudson Bay Complex & Baffin Bay", Remote Sensing of Environment. 200, 281-294, 2017


Team 2

Déry, S. J., Stadnyk, T. A., MacDonald, M. K., and Gauli-Sharma, B., 2016: "Recent trends and variability in river discharge across northern Canada", Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 20, 4801-4818,


Team 3

Heikkilä, M., Vera Pospelova, Alexandre Forest, Gary Stern, Louis Fortier, Robie W Macdonald. (2016) "Dinoflagellate cyst production over an annual cycle in seasonally ice-covered Hudson Bay", Marine Micropaleontology, 125 (May 2016), 1-24,


Team 4

Burt, W. J., Thomas, H., Miller, L. A., Granskog, M. A., Papakyriakou, T. N., and Pengelly, L. (2016) "Inorganic carbon cycling and biogeochemical processes in an Arctic inland sea (Hudson Bay)", Biogeosciences, 13, 4659-4671,