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Tim Papakyriakou

CEOS Director
Associate Professor

Department of Environment and Geography

Ph.D. University of Waterloo: Geography
M.Sc. Queen's University: Geography
B.Sc. McMaster University: Geography

Research Interests

Dr. Papakyriakou conducts research in the area of microclimatology. In a broad sense his projects examine biosphere-atmosphere linkages for different environments within Canadian Arctic coastal and coastal marine environments through the study of surface heat budgets (i.e., the exchange of heat, water vapour, radiation, and momentum) and the air-surface exchange of biogenic gases, including CO2 and CH4. The Arctic Ocean and its peripheral seas undergo strong seasonal change. An objective of Dr. Papakyriakou's work is to characterize the evolution of air-sea coupling across the seasonal transitions and to understand the geophysical, biological, and biogeochemical drivers that underpin observations of surface heat and carbon exchange with the atmosphere. The product of the research will assist in defining the role of sea ice on climate and weather, as well as on major biogeochemical cycles. It is empirical and has a strong field component. 

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