University of Manitoba - Centre for Earth Observation Science - Casey Hubert
Casey Hubert

Research Affiliate

Ph.D. University of Calgary: Environmental Microbiology
B.Sc. (Hons.) University of Calgary: Microbiology

Reader in Geomicrobiology and EPSRC Research Fellow

Research Interests

Dr. Hubert studies geomicrobiology and microbial diversity in marine sediments, particularly in the Arctic. He is also interested in the role of microbiology in the petroleum industry, such as microbial degradation of crude oil spills. Current projects include controlling oil reservoir souring through nitrate injection, as well as the study of thermophilic bacteria in the cold ocean as bio-tracers of fluid seepage from the hot deep biosphere.


Energy Bioengineering and Geomicrobiology Research Group
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta