Brock Tropea

M.Sc. Student

Advisor: Ronald Stewart

B.Sc. University of Manitoba: Physical Geography/Atmospheric Science

Research Interests

Generally into both climate and atmospheric physics research.

I have a great deal of interest the effects of climate change/anthropogenic global warming on the North American continent, particularly the great plains. Changes in the behavior of temperature, precipitation, and storms (both synoptic and mesoscale) are all important issues that much research can be undertaken on. Understanding these changes and how they relate to our changing climate is both important to atmospheric climate science as a whole, and to society, as these changes will have profound impacts on our daily lives in the future.

Additionally, I have a fascination with the physics of severe thunderstorms across the prairies. Tornadoes, supercells, lightning, hail, and QLCS storms all interest me from a dynamic/kinematic perspective. How do these storms form, what underlying physics drives them? Where will they form and why? There are still many questions that remain unanswered.

My goals moving forward are to take up various different types of research projects, gaining a well-rounded skillset. I hope to advance climate and atmospheric science forward, in order to better understand and predict the changes we may observe in the future. I believe the uncertain nature of precipitation in the coming decades would be a good area of focus for future work.



Freezing Precipitation in WRF PGW Experiment


0°C Isotherm Climatology in Canada
2013 Toronto Ice Storm
2014 NWT Forest Fires


463 Wallace Building
Dept. of Environment & Geography
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 2N2



Brock Tropea