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John Yackel

Research Affiliate

Ph.D. University of Manitoba
M.Sc. University of Calgary
B.Sc. (Hon.) Wilfrid Laurier University
Currently serves as Head, Department of Geography, University of Calgary


Research Interests

Dr. Yackel currently conducts research on the processes which give rise to the spatial and temporal distribution patterns of snow on seasonal Arctic sea ice which have important implications for thermodynamic, ice strength properties and break-up timing and sub-ice primary productivity. Paramount to understanding these processes is his specialization in the utility of time series and polarimetric microwave backscatter methods (both scatterometer and satellite based synthetic aperture radar) and models for snow water equivalent measurement and estimation. As part of international programs determining the role of snow covered sea ice in Arctic Ocean biogeochemical processes, Dr. Yackel has evolved methods for the detection and quantification of brine in the basal layer of the snow cover on seasonal sea ice which plays a paramount role in heat and gas exchange processes between the atmosphere and ocean. Dr. Yackel has completed 6 Ph.D. students under his supervision and has published more than 60 peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters and reports.




ArcticNET – Phase 4 – Theme 3 (Project 3.6)
Churchill Marine Observatory Co-PI (2017 –
MEOPAR – (Project 1.22)


ArcticNET Phases 1-3


Department of Geography
University of Calgary
(403) 220-5584