Alumni Profile - Keji Olaleye

Keji Olaleye (B.Sc. (Hons.), 2008, M.Sc., 2011) is a Seismic interpreter, Athabasca Oil Sands, working for Imperial Oil, Calgary.

She was drawn to her chosen field because of her love for Earth studies using physics and mathematics. Keji credits her opportunities in the Department of Geological Sciences in field school, her interactions with other alumni in industry, and her summer job and internship opportunities.

Since she graduated from the University of Manitoba she has followed a challenging career path during which she has been exposed to various parts of the industry, took opportunities to learn from experienced people, and to develop her own system of organizing tasks, identifying problems, and highlighting the most effective methods of solving them. In terms of skills she developed while in her program Keji attributes her success to being able to work independently and come up with new ideas and concepts of doing things, networking effectively, and efficient time management and task prioritization. Her career gives her the opportunity to travel and interact with others in industry, impact projects, and be a contributing member; in particular "she learns about something cool everyday!". To quote Keji of her time at the University of Manitoba: "The U of M definitely laid the foundation for me to be confident, and most importantly always willing to learn from knowledgeable others and also impart the knowledge I've gained to junior colleagues. Graduating from here, is just the beginning guys! So get ready to learn lots and have tons of fun doing so! Cheers!"

Keji Olaleye
(B.Sc. (Hons.), 2008, M.Sc., 2011)