Alumni Profile - Scott Kehler
Scott Kehler B.Sc.PhG.(Hons.) 2015 and M.Sc. Environment and Geography 2017 is currently Chief Scientist at Weatherlogics Inc., a Winnipeg-based meteorological consulting firm that he co-founded. He became interested in weather at a young age, and like many people, found weather to be a fascinating yet frightening phenomenon. He was also frustrated by the lack of good weather information that was a catalyst for his pursuit of knowledge. To quote Scott: “Unlike many university students I knew exactly what I wanted to study in university and completed my degrees on time without second-guessing myself. Near the end of my undergraduate education I knew I wanted to pursue graduate studies, so I transitioned straight from being an undergraduate student to a graduate student without even taking a break. When I was near the end of my master’s program I had already decided to enter the private sector and started a business immediately after completing my thesis”.

Scott took the opportunity to participate in research work as an undergraduate student in a field study of lake breezes in Manitoba and later in his graduate work, when he travelled to Kansas to take part in a major, International field project looking at thunderstorms. These two experiences solidified his interest in meteorology and research exposed him to the world of leading edge science.

Scott uses his research skills and education from the University of Manitoba at work every day. His job of analyzing, diagnosing, and predicting weather, fills that gap in weather information that he observed at a young age. To once again quote Scott: “I simply enjoy the fact that I’m able to do what I love every day. My job barely feels like work, and as a self-employed person, I also have the freedom to work on whatever projects I think make the most sense, which is just another bonus to a career that I already love”.

Scott Kehler
2015 B.Sc.PhG.(Hons.)
2017 M.Sc. Environment & Geography

Weatherlogics Inc.

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