Alumni Profile - Riley Hole
Riley Hole B.Sc. Physical Geography (Maj.) 2014 is currently meteorologist and the owner of a private meteorological consulting company. He had always had an interest in meteorology, because growing up on a farm the weather played such a major role in its day-to-day activities.  This interest grew when he took a weather and climate course in early on in his university program. Riley especially credits the co-op program for giving him a real taste of what the future held and giving him the opportunity to work in a professional setting before graduating. He was immediately was hired after graduation to work with ECCC in Edmonton AB but moved home back to SW Manitoba for both family reasons and start his own private meteorology consulting company.

To quote Riley: “I gained countless skills at the University of Manitoba, and the atmospheric science program does a stand out job in preparing you for your career post-university. I also cannot say enough good things about the coop program; the skills that I gained during my time prepared me for every obstacle that I could have faced.  Having started my own business, skills such as public speaking, professional letter and email writing has been an asset that I used to overlook”.


Riley Hole
2014 B.Sc.PhG.(Maj.)