On Thin Ice

Chief Editors:
Louis Fortier, David Barber and Josée Michaud

Louis Fortier, Canada Research Chair on the Response of Arctic Marine Ecosystems to Climate Change: "The Arctic in on its way to a new climatic equilibrium. Perennial sea ice, permafrost and glaciers are vanishing at unexpected rates. Combined with rampant modernization, warming has profound impacts on the geopolitics, economy, health, and societies of the Canadian Arctic. The Canadian Arctic Shelf Exchange Study (CASES) represents the largest single effort ever to understand the response of the Arctic Ocean biota to climatic change. Over a complete annual cycle, 210 scientists from 8 countries studied all aspects of the Beaufort Sea ecosystem. This compendium summarizes their findings in a form relevant to policy makers, community members, and managers."
Table of Contents (.pdf)  
    215 pages; Price $50.00

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