2017 NACADA Region 6 Concurrent Session presentations and materials
Session   Presentation Materials
 Keynote Reimagining Academic Advising to Support A Culture of Success .pptx
 P.1 Thinking Outside the Line; Rethinking your Advising Toolbox During Peak Periods
 P.2 Integrating Academic Advising and Career Advising at a Non-Traditional University with Limited Resources .pdf
 P.3  NACADA Orientation for First Time Attendees .pptx
 1.1 Advising for Academic Recovery: Grit and Willpower in the Context of Advising  .pdf .pdf
 1.2 The Road to Student Success: Using Student Holds as a Proactive Outreach Strategy    
 1.3 Journey to Advising...... at the heart of academic advising – The Core Competencies of Academic Advising Model (2017) - Moving forward – Discussion, Engagement, & Delivery.  .pptx  
 1.4 Journey as a professional: Determining your level of involvement in the scholarship of advising    
 1.5 Cultural Diversity Awareness Course: Taking Diversity Training Online    
 2.1 Bueller? Connecting With Students Who Take A “Day Off” From Advising .pdf
 2.2 Igniting Innovation: A Collaborative Approach to Addressing Challenges and Solving Problems  .ppt  
 2.3 Approaching Course Selection through a Developmental Lens  .pdf  
 2.4 Getting to the Heart of Diverse NACADA Leadership    
 2.5 Sustainable Learning Communities; A 20 Year Journey  .pptx .doc
 3.1 The Advisor’s Role in Career Readiness for Liberal Arts Students
 .pptx  www
 3.2 Journey to Student Engagement and Overall Well-Being    
 3.3 Advising a Crowd: Best practices at Educational Events and Fairs  .pptx  
 3.4 Publish with NACADA: Find the Appropriate NACADA Venue for Your Writing    
 3.5 Journey to Intercultural Competence: Creating a Framework to Develop Advisors and Students  .pdf .pdf
 4.1 You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup: Compassion Fatigue in Academic Advising
 .pptx  .pdf
 4.2 Advisor Exchange - Building an Advising Network at the University of Manitoba .pptx
 4.3 Conversations with NACADA Leaders: Core Values Review: Round Two .pptx
 4.4 Do We Hear Them?: The Silent Journey of Rural Students in Higher Education    
 5.1 Best practices for teaching and advising multilingual students  .pptx  .docx
 5.2 The Career Compass and Academic Advising – Mapping an Exceptional Student Experience .pdf
 5.3 Planning for Canada: Helping Newcomers Thrive .pptx
 5.4 Indigenous University Students in their First Year: Academic Choices and Outcomes--Some Observations drawn from Big Data    
 6.1 Using Appreciative Education to Create a Safe & Comfortable Learning Environment for Students  .pptx .docx
 6.2 Six Weeks to Success: The Student Journey    
 6.3 Maximizing Student Success through Behavioral Economics  .pdf  
 6.4 Keeping Students “On Course®” through Advising  .pdf