Written English Requirement

Written English Requirement for the Faculty of Engineering

All students are required to complete, within the first 60 credit hours of their programs, a minimum of one three credit hour course with significant content in written English.

The Faculty of Engineering has designated specific written English requirement courses.

The following courses are accepted for credit to fulfill the “W” requirement:  

Note:  Some courses on this list are 6 credit hours.  A 6 credit hour course from the published list (current and future) will satisfy 3 credit hours of English written requirement plus 3 credit hours of complementary studies elective (i.e. may be used in lieu of PHIL 1290 (3)).

Prior to the 2016/2017 academic year, students were required to complete ENGL 1400 (or equivalent) to satisfy the written English course requirement within all engineering programs.  Beginning with the 2016/2017 academic year these requirements may now be satisfied by completing any course selected from the list of Written English Courses for Engineering Students (which includes ENGL 1400).  This change applies to all students entering the Faculty of Engineering, as well as all continuing students who have yet to complete this program requirement.

Written English Courses for Engineering Students

ASIA 1420 Asian Civilization to 1500 (3)

ASIA 1430 Asian Civilization from 1500 (3)

CATH 1190 Introduction to Catholic Studies (3)

ENGL 1200 Representative Literary Works (6)

ENGL 1300 Literature Since 1900 (6)

ENGL 1340 Introduction to Literary Analysis (3)

ENGL 1400 Thematic Approaches to the Study of Literature (3)

GPE 2700 Perspectives on Global Political Economy (3)

GRMN 1300 Masterpieces of German Literature in English Translation (3)

GRMN 1310 Love in German Culture in English Translation (3)

HIST 1XXX Any 1000 level HIST course, (3 or 6 credit hours)

HIST 2XXX Any 2000 level HIST course, (3 or 6 credit hours)

NATV 2020 The Métis of Canada (3)

POL 1900 Love, Heroes and Patriotism in Contemporary Poland (3)

POL 2600 Polish Culture until 1918 (3)

POL 2610 Polish Culture 1918 to the present (3)

POLS 1500** Introduction to Politics (6)

POLS 2000 Introduction to Comparative Politics (6)

POLS 2040 Introduction to International Relations (6)

POLS 2070 Introduction to Canadian Government (6)

RLGN 1322 Introduction to Eastern Religions (3)

RLGN 1324 Introduction to Western Religions (3)

RLGN 1424 Religion and Sexuality (3)

RLGN 1440 Evil in World Religions (3)

RLGN 2036 Introduction to Christianity (3)

RLGN 2140 Introduction to Judaism (3)

RLGN 2160 Introduction to Hebrew Scriptures (3)

RLGN 2170 Introduction to the New Testament (3)

RLGN 2222 The Supernatural in Popular Culture (3)

RLGN 2590 Religion and Social Issues (3)

RUSN 1400 Masterpieces of Russian Literature in English Translation (3)

RUSN 2280 Russian Culture until 1900 (3)

RUSN 2290 Russian Culture from 1900 to the present (3)

RUSN 2310 Exploring Russia Through Film (3)

UKRN 2200 Ukrainian Myths, Rites and Rituals (3)

UKRN 2410 Ukrainian Canadian Cultural Experience (3)

UKRN 2590 Ukrainian Literature and Film (3)

UKRN 2770 Ukrainian Culture until 1900 (3)

UKRN 2780 Ukrainian Culture from 1900 to the present (3)

UKRN 2820 Holodomor and Holocaust in Ukrainian Literature and Culture (3)

WOMN 1500 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies in the Humanities (3)

WOMN 1600 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies in the Social Sciences (3)

WOMN 2560 Women, Science and Technology (3)

** This course requires a laboratory.

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