Preliminary Year

The preliminary year is common to all programs in Engineering. The preliminary year (1st year Engineering) consists of 12 courses. Students must complete a minimum of eight courses to be considered eligible for admission to an Engineering Department.

Admission into a Department is competitive based on APGA which is calculated on the best eight grades from the 12 possible courses completed. Direct entry students apply for admission to a 1st and 2nd choice department once at least 8 of the preliminary year courses are completed. Applications are submitted through the University of Manitoba Apply Yourself system; the application fee is waived for direct entry students.


Course # Course Title Credit Hours
CHEM 1300 Chemistry 3
COMP 1012 Computer Programming for Scientists & Engineers 3
ENG 1430 Design in Engineering 3
ENG 1440 Introduction to Statics 3

ENG 1450
ENG 1460

Intro to Electrical and Computer Engineering
Intro to Thermal Sciences


MATH 1210 Tech of Classical and Linear Algebra 3
MATH 1510 Applied Calculus 1 or equivalent (MATH 1500) 3
MATH 1710 Applied Calculus 2 or equivalent (MATH 1700) 3
PHIL 1290* Critical Thinking 1 3

PHYS 1050

Written English Requirement


Choose One Course from Approved List



Prior to the 2016/2017 academic year, students were required to complete ENGL 1400 (or equivalent) to satisfy the written English course requirement within all engineering programs.  Beginning with the 2016/2017 academic year these requirements may now be satisfied by completing any course selected from the list of Written English Courses for Engineering Students (which includes ENGL 1400).  This change applies to all students entering the Faculty of Engineering, as well as all continuing students who have yet to complete this program requirement.

This list of courses is in effect for both students admitted directly to Engineering and students applying to Engineering from University 1 or other faculties.

*PHIL 1290 Critical Thinking is the recommended complementary studies elective. However, students may select any course from the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Management at the 1000 level or above, with the exception of ARTS 1110 Introduction to University which may not be held for credit within the Faculty of Engineering.


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MATH & PHYS Information 

What type of Computer/Lap Top Should I buy?
Personal laptops can be of any type (PC, Mac, LINUX, Android, iPad) or capability. Focus more on personal preferences like screen size, battery life, weight, etc. and what you expect out of it.

Most off the shelf computers will do for what we require in Engineering at the moment because students will not be expected to install or run high end Engineering software on their personal computers. 

Use of personal computers will be mainly for using office suites, internet web use, communications ,and remote access to Engineering run computers.

SAMPLE TIMETABLES - 2019/20 Academic Year

For general information about the Engineering program, please email ENG INFO.

For more information about the preliminary Engineering program, please contact:

Victoria Smith
Student Advisor
(Preliminary Engineering Program)
Phone: (204) 474-9807
Email | E1-284 EITC


Judy Schroen-Galinaitis
Student Services Coordinator
(Undergraduate Programs)
Phone: (204) 474-9808
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