Final Exam Access


The “Student access to final examinations” policy of the University of Manitoba found in the Academic Calendar, General Regulations, Final Examinations #7 states the following student rights related to reviewing final examinations:

In order to allow proper feedback, students shall have an opportunity to read their own final examination script and any comments written on it prior to the deadline for a formal grade appeal, but only in the presence of the instructor or a staff member appointed by a faculty, school, or academic unit.
Notwithstanding the above, there is no obligation upon the faculty, school, or academic unit to make machine-scored examination answer sheets available for consultation by students. It is expected that faculties, schools, and academic units will provide appropriate means of feedback to students in such circumstances and, where practicable, will encourage instructors to discuss selected questions and answers.


Each Engineering department will facilitate the final examination review according to the following procedure:

  1. The student should contact the course instructor directly to make arrangements to review the final exam paper at a mutually agreeable time. The instructor is not obliged to discuss the examination, the assignment of grades, or to provide solutions to examination questions. However, in the event that an error is discovered in the summation of examination marks, this discrepancy should be brought to the attention of the instructor for correction.
  2. In the event that the instructor is unavailable or that suitable reviewing arrangements cannot be agreed upon, the student should complete the Access to Final Exams application form. The form must be completed, printed, signed, and brought in person to the student's undergraduate student advisor (contact information below).
    Note: This form should be fillable. If it does not appear as fillable on your browser, please try a different browser.
    1. The student will be contacted via email (U of M student email address only) by his or her advisor when a copy of the final examination is available for review. If the student is requesting to view more than one exam, the review of multiple exams may or may not occur on the same day, depending on the timing of the availability of the copy.
    2. The student will have up to 20 minutes to review each exam under supervision as arranged by the departmental program office. The course instructor or teaching assistant may or may not be present during the review, and answer keys will not be provided. The student will not be permitted to take any information from the paper by any means. Tampering with the paper or possession of writing materials, recording devices, cell phones, or cameras during the review will constitute a breach of the University Student Discipline Bylaw.
    3. Once the review time has elapsed, the student will return the copy of the final examination to the supervisor who will record its receipt before the student exits the room.


  • This procedure refers to the review of final examinations of courses taught by the Faculty of Engineering only.
  • In order to allow time for review prior to each term's grade appeal deadline, students are encouraged to make this request no later than ten days from the release of final grades by the Registrar's Office.
  • Any concerns relating to the grading process or the marks awarded must be dealt with via a formal Appeal of Final Grades through the Registrar's Office.


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