Entrance Scholarships

 Scholarships and prizes are awarded according to academic performance in a given program, year, or course. Each year, the Faculty of Engineering will notify all current students (via U of M email and this webpage) that scholarships applications are open early in the summer. Once a student has been selected for an award, Financial Aid & Awards will notify the recipient to accept or decline the award through their Aurora Student account. Students will be able to see the credit in the fee section of their Aurora Student fee account once the scholarship has been allocated.

Eligibility & Application

For all scholarships -

  • Eligibility is determined by specific criteria listed on each award's details.
  • The criteria needs to be true for a student as of the start of the upcoming Fall academic term.
  • You must meet the award criteria (e.g. be registered full time in both upcoming terms) by the end of the registration revision period in the upcoming Fall term to retain the award as outlined in the award's terms of reference.

For scholarships with no application -

  • There is no action you need to take to qualify.
  • Eligibility is based on aspects such as program, year of study, gender, citizenship, and academic performance.
  • All Engineering students who meet eligibility criteria will automatically be assessed for these scholarships.
  • To be eligible for most scholarships, new and returning students must have full-time registration in both the previous Fall and Winter terms.
  • "Full time" for scholarships is defined as 80% of 15 credit hours each term (i.e.) A minimum of 12 credit hours per term.

For scholarships with an application -

  • Awarded based on academic performance and some other criteria, such as, community involvement, leadership, or extra-curricular activities.
  • These awards require you to write an essay, answer questions about your volunteer experiences, or complete some other written input.

    If you want to be considered for any awards that require an application, apply through the Engineering Undergraduate Awards website and follow these steps:

    1. Create a profile on the awards website (see the FAQ section for assistance).
    2. Download the applicable form (PDF format) listed in the Supporting Files section of the Awards Details page by saving it to your computer.
    3. Complete the required sections on the application form and save (or "print-to-PDF" or "save-as-PDF" if necessary to ensure text saves).
    4. Upload the completed file to your My Files section of your awards profile. If you are applying for more than one award that requires the same supporting file, only 1 copy needs to be uploaded.
    5. Return to the Awards Details page and click "Apply for this award".

ENGAP Students

Engineering Access Program students may find additional awards here.



Last updated: October 5, 2017

For more information regarding undergraduate awards, please contact:

Kristy McGregor
Awards & Data Coordinator
Phone: (204) 474-7506
Email | E1-284 EITC


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