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Bursaries are distributed mainly on the basis of financial need (as assessed by Financial Aid & Awards). Bursary applications are available in mid-August each year through the Aurora Student portal.

Basic Criteria

  • All students must complete courses in both Fall and Winter terms to be eligible.
  • In most cases, students must register for and complete at least 60% of a full course load per term. (i.e.) A minimum of 9 credit hours per term.
  • Financial need must be clearly documented on the application. Students assessed for current government student loans have an easier way of documenting financial need. Student aid recipients will likely be required to submit copies of their current "official" government loan assessment (not 'quick assessments') to support their declaration of financial need.
  • Students must meet minimum G.P.A requirements. Continuing students must have a minimum degree G.P.A. of 2.0. New students (from high school) must have a grade 12 average of 70% or higher.

Step-By-Step Process

Students who meet the Basic Criteria above should follow these steps:

1.  Make sure that your contact information is current in Aurora Student.

2.  If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, apply for a Canada Student Loan.

  • Students eligible for a Government Student Loan will automatically be assessed for eligibily in the government grants & bursaries programs.
  • Grants and bursary funds are not a part of your loan and do not require repayment!
  • The official Government assessment confirms your financial need and gives you priority to receive bursary funding through the University of Manitoba general bursary application and the Faculty of Engineering bursary awards $$$

3.  The University of Manitoba online general bursary application is available through Aurora Student, via the Student Awards and Financial Aid tab.

  • Please refer to the Financial Aid & Awards Bursary webpage for information related to completing the application.

  • The deadline to submit the bursary application is October 1st annually. If you have questions about the needs assessment form, please contact the FAA office at (204) 474-9531 or awards@umanitoba.ca.
  • If you are not certain your application has been completed properly, ask staff at the FAA staff to check it over before the deadline.
  • Incomplete applications may be deemed ineligible.
  • The information in the needs assessment form is used to determine your assessed financial need. You must complete this online form to be considered for Engineering bursaries.

4.  To be considered for bursaries available exclusively for Engineering undergraduate students and that have an application, you must complete the Financial Aid & Awards online form AND the applications through the Engineering Awards site. Please note that most Engineering bursaries do not require an Engineering application. All students who have completed a general bursary application and meet the criteria for bursaries that do not require application will be automatically considered.

5.  For bursaries with an application, please follow this procedure:

  • Create a profile on the awards website (see the FAQ section for assistance).
  • Download the applicable form (PDF format) listed in the Supporting Files section of the Awards Details page by saving it to your computer.
  • Complete the required sections on the application form and save (or "print-to-PDF" or "save-as-PDF" if necessary to ensure text saves).
  • Upload the completed file to your My Files section of your awards profile. If you are applying for more than one award that requires the same supporting file, only 1 copy needs to be uploaded.
  • Return to the Awards Details page and click "Apply for this award".

6.  Check your eligibility for Special Bursaries, listed at step 4 when completing the general bursary application in Aurora. These special bursaries require a separate application to the general and Faculty bursaries.

7.  Check the Financial Aid and Awards resource page for even more, Awards Requiring Application admistered by Financial Aid and Awards, outside of the Aurora Student portal.

8.  Check your eligibility for External Awards & Scholarships . There are a variety of awards offered by organizations and groups outside of the University of Manitoba, which offer bursaries and scholarships to aid students taking post secondary education.

9.  Financial Aid & Awards will notify you (usually by early November) of your success and will request that you accept or deny the award before it will be loaded onto your account. Once you have done this, it is recommended that you send a note of thanks to the donor; Financial Aid & Awards can provide contact information, as required.



If you are short of funds and require emergency support to pay tuition, food or living expenses, please complete the Emergency Loan Application or call the Financial Aid & Awards Office (204) 474-9531.




Last updated: September 18, 2017

For more information regarding undergraduate awards, please contact:

Kristy McGregor
Awards & Data Coordinator
Phone: (204) 474-7506
E-Mail | E1-284 EITC




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