Why Should I Consider the IEEQ Program?

For internationally-educated engineers,

  • The program can be a time-effective alternative to writing the national Confirmatory Examinations.
  • The courses in the Faculty of Engineering introduce you to engineering practice in the Canadian environment, including Canadian codes and standards and English technical vocabulary in your discipline.
  • The courses also allow you to update your engineering knowledge in rapidly changing fields.
  • The Professional Engineering Practice in Manitoba course is designed to help ease your cultural transition to the Canadian engineering and business environment.
  • The program offers a supportive, collegial environment, in which participants get to know fellow internationally-educated engineers, professors, and other student colleagues in the Faculty of Engineering.
  • IEEQ Program staff are present to provide student advising and support for program participants.
  • The program includes professional engineering work experience, and often a first step into a professional network for future job opportunities and engineering-related job references.