Counseling Services

The Counselor's role is to assist students and their families with the personal and social adjustments of undertaking studies at the university. She works with students to help solve problems that may arise in all areas of their lives.

The Counselor is available to help support students in the following ways:

  • Provides individualized personal counseling and support to students on an as needed basis and is available to do family and couple counseling. 
  • Assists students to develop and strengthen their study skills.
  • Students are encouraged to develop stress and time management skills needed to succeed in their studies. 
  • Offers mediation and support to students that are experiencing conflicts between other students and/or staff.
  • Assists students in resume writing and developing interviewing skills to help find summer and full time employment.
  • Helps students and their families to make the transition into the city and university life. This might include living accommodations, day care, or other needs that arise.
  • Provides a list of referral services and resources to help meet student needs including counseling, legal, health, employment and any other requirements that arise.