What is ENGAP
Did you know, that less than one percent of engineers in Canada are Indigenous, and there is a strong demand for engineers with an Indigenous background. ENGAP provides an opportunity for students of Indigenous ancestry, who may not have had access to the resources to obtain the prerequisites required to get into, prepare for, and succeed in engineering. It is not a special degree; there is no difference in the engineering degree of an ENGAP student. The program involves a number of custom support mechanisms to help Indigenous students:
Academic Support - the Undergraduate Coordinator provides assistance with choosing and registering for all courses, free tutoring is provided for all courses, and upgrading courses are offered so that the student is prepared for engineering.
Personal Support - the Counsellor provides assistance with personal and family counselling, resume and job search advice, locating daycares and accommodations as required.
Financial Supports - the Administrative Assistant provides assistance with obtaining financial support through numerous bursaries and scholarships, including the ENGAP Scholarship and Bursary Initiative.
Social Support - social activities help students derive a sense of community within the Faculty of Engineering, in addition to the Faculty spirit that all engineering students enjoy.
A mandatory two week Summer Orientation offers introductory mathematics, as well as study, reading, writing, and computer skills to help students in the transition to university.