Co-op/IIP Commitment to Students

Co-op/IIP provides the opportunity for to enhance student learning through cooperative education. Co-op/IIP supports the application and participation of all students who apply and sign the Students commitment. Click here for more information on the student commitment:

•    Co-op/IIP supports the development of new UofM engineering student work placement
     opportunities through promotional materials and advertising, attendance at industry
     conferences, offering opportunities for employers to connect with students and fostering
     relationships with industry partners and industry groups.

•    Co-op/IIP actively advocates for increased student work place funding opportunities with
     government locally, throughout the province, nationally and beyond.

•    Co-op/IIP provides information sessions to inform students of the opportunity to enhance
     their learning through cooperative education.

•    Co-op/IIP supports the employability and profession development of students through
     review and critique of application materials,

•    Co-op/IIP provides one on one support through the entire application process including;
     review and critique of resumes and cover letters for specific work opportunities, mock
     interviews, and job search skills.

•    Co-op/IIP provides seminars for a range of employability and job readiness skills

•    Co-op/IIP facilitates networking opportunities for students such as Monday Night HIRED
      and Industry info sessions.

•    Co-op/IIP can monitor student progress and help students move toward successful
     employment outcomes.

•    Co-op/IIP staff offers strategic support that will benefit the student even if the time to obtain
      placement is extended. Co-op/IIP does not give up.

•    Co-op/IIP supports students if difficult situations arise before or during employment.

•    Co-op/IIP connects with students through site visit wherever possible. If this is not
      possible, coordinators will email and/or phone the student.

•    Co-op/IIP reads and reviews the work term report to ensure appropriateness for review
      by an academic.

•    Co-op/IIP facilitates the review of work term reports by an academic.

•    Co-op/IIP ensures students receive a credit on their transcript for the work term and a
     designation on their parchment for completion of the program.

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