Student Commitment

Participation in the Co-op /IIP is a choice to enhance student learning. It is not mandatory. Acceptance into the program requires students to understand and adhere to the program’s Rules and Regulations. The following is a synopsis of the expectations for students who wish to be in the program and those who have been accepted:

•    Ensure that all academic requirements are being met.
•    Maintain good financial standing with the University.
•    Understand and adhere to all Co-op/IIP guidelines and deadlines for application
     and reporting.
•    Represent Engineering Co-op/IIP in a professional and ethical manner.
•    Follow all employer policies and procedures.
•    Attend all mandatory Co-op/IIP meetings and interviews.
•    Ensure that resumes and cover letters are professional in appearance and effective as
      marketing tools.
•    Take responsibility for finding work placements and ask for support when required
•    Include all work placements as Co-op/IIP work terms, regardless of how they
     are obtained.
•    Pay for all work term tuition and course fees.
•    Seek to complete the Program by obtaining 3 Co-op/IIP work terms.
•    Apply for an appropriate number of jobs.
•    Arrange for work permits (international students).
•    Submit all required Co-op/IIP forms.
•    Check your U of M email account regularly for information and updates.

Click on the link for a listing of the Rules and Regulations. If you have further questions connect with our staff, please click on the Contact Us link.

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