Benefits & Responsibilities

Co-op/IIP education provides students with supports and opportunities to:

      •    Gain career development and employment support from the Co-op/IIP team of
           coordinators and staff from the application process to graduation.
     •    Develop crucial technical and employability skills.

     •    Earn money to supplement education costs. All Co-op/IIP students are provided with a
          competitive compensation plan.

     •    Build a resume / portfolio. Each work term allows students to expand their resume to
          include new skills developed during real work experience.

     •    Explore career options and define long-term goals.

     •    Gain confidence in their abilities and identify areas that are in need of
          further development.

     •    Develop and maintain important industry contacts.

     •    Maintain student status with the faculty and U of M during extended 12 or 16
          month work placements.

     •    Be assisted in completing Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba reports for EIT credit.

     •    Begin earning EIT credit after successfully completing 58 degree credit hours.

     •    Travel to other parts of the country or world.

     •    Gain access to student awards such as the Friends of Engineering Co-op/IIP
          student of the Year, UofM Co-op Students of the Year, CEWIL Canada student
          of the year.

     •    Reflect and learn at a higher level that supports “industry Ready” graduates.

     •    Gain support from an Engineer in Residence dedicated to Co-op/IIP support.

     •    Gain Co-op designations on transcripts and parchments that are an advantage when
          seeking permanent employment.

     •    Gain recognition that allows employers to access hiring incentives for student
           work terms

     •    Employers of Co-op/IIP graduates gain access to hiring incentives for permanent
          employment. These incentives are only available to students who have completed
          3 Co-op/IIP work terms.

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