Work Terms and Placements


Students can complete work terms in the summer or during academic terms. Students can also take time off from academics and complete 2-4 work terms in a row. Students who complete work terms during academic terms must make sure that there will not be any pre-requisite or timetable problems when they return. Work terms can be flexible to accommodate both students and employers, however, to qualify as Co-op, they must be at least 12 weeks in length, full-time and paid.

Internships (12 or 16 month placements) are only offered after your third year of study is complete



To graduate with the Co-op/IIP designation on your parchment:

  • Students must complete a minimum of 3 work terms
  • Students (with the exception of IEEQ) must return to classes for at least one academic term after their final work term.
  • Students must complete the same academic program as non Co-op students.



The first placement for most new Co-op/IIP students will be the summer following admission to the program. The job search begins in January. Job descriptions will be posted as they are received from participating employers and students submit applications.

Employers will review the applications, interview several students, and select a candidate. Students willing to work out of town have a greater likelihood of securing a placement. Although we try to place all students, acceptance into Co-op/IIP is not a guarantee of this.



Students must register for each work term course and pay the required tuition fees. Students are required to prepare a written report for each work term. Reports are due two weeks after the end of the placement. Guidelines will be provided.