Frequently Asked Questions

What is Co-op/IIP?

What are the benefits of being a Co-op/IIP student member?

What are the prerequisites?

What does the Co-op/IIP application process consists of?

What are the lengths of Co-op/IIP placements? How many can I work?
Work terms are flexible with the option of working a 4, 8, 12 or 16 month placement. Students can complete work terms in the summer or during academic terms. Students can also take time off from academics and complete 2-4 work terms consecutively. Internships (12 or 16 month placements) are only offered after the students have completed their third year of studies. Students can do 1-5 Co-op/IIP placements. For a student to complete the Program and graduate with the Co-op/IIP designation on their parchment, students must complete three work terms or a minimum of 12 months’ worth of work terms.

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How do I find a Co-op/IIP job?

How much support will I have from the Co-op/IIP staff?

Are there any fees associated with Co-op/IIP?

When do I pay the Co-op/IIP fees?

What does my work term course pay for?

When do I write my work term report?

Do I apply each Year?

What jobs qualify?

Can I do research?

If I choose to leave the program, what are the consequences?

As an international student, do I need a certain work permit? What is the process of getting a work permit?

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