Frequently Asked Questions

What is Co-op/IIP?

What are the benefits of being a Co-op/IIP student member?

What are the prerequisites?

What does the Co-op/IIP application process consists of?
Students must first attend an information session and then follow the application process. This process is includes the development and demonstration of some basic employability skills and a signed commitment to be part of the Program. For more information on the application process, please click on the How do I Apply link. For Details on the required Student Commitment, please click on the Student Commitment link.

If you have further questions connect with our staff, please click on the Contact Us link.

What are the lengths of Co-op/IIP placements? How many can I work?

How do I find a Co-op/IIP job?

How much support will I have from the Co-op/IIP staff?

Are there any fees associated with Co-op/IIP?

When do I pay the Co-op/IIP fees?

What does my work term course pay for?

When do I write my work term report?

Do I apply each Year?

What jobs qualify?

Can I do research?

If I choose to leave the program, what are the consequences?

As an international student, do I need a certain work permit? What is the process of getting a work permit?

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