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Mission Statement
Inspire Engineering students to be transformed by the deeper learning of experiential education to advance the engineering industry and the community.

Vision Statement
Provide experiential education and career development to prepare students for excellence in their future careers as Professional Engineers and community leaders. Co-operate with employers to advance their business and strengthen connections between the University of Manitoba and community.


The Faculty of Engineering Co-operative Education and Industrial Internship Program (Co-op/IIP) is a valuable partnership between the university, employers and students, whereby students complement their academic study with a work experience course in a paid engineering work placement. Cooperative education is learning from both reflection on work experience and academic teaching. Students in Engineering have all been successful at academic learning but sometimes struggle to understand what reflective learning is and why it is important. Co-op/IIP provides support and guidance through the work term and reflective process. It is the completion of this reflective process that is the higher learning. Cooperative education is recognized by industry as a way to create the “industry ready” graduate. Graduates with a Co-op designation on their transcript have an advantage. This advantage further benefits students as the Co-op/IIP reflective documentation is also the documentation for the experiential requirement of becoming a Professional Engineer. Co-op/IIP and Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba work together to support Co-op/IIP students as they begin to apply for their professional designation. Employers of students who have completed the Co-op/IIP and have the Co-operative Education designation on their parchment receive additional provincial hiring incentives.

Co-op/IIP students on work terms are supported by the Co-op/IIP coordinators and staff. Co-op/IIP students combine the experiential learning with their academic knowledge and are better prepared for the work force after graduation. Co-op/IIP support continues for students as they apply for pre-graduation experience towards their professional designation with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba at the end of each work term.

Students have an opportunity to explore different career choices and develop contacts in the industry during the three work terms included in the program. Co-op/IIP is available in all of our undergraduate programs, including Biosystems, Civil, Electrical & Computer, and Mechanical. Within each of these departments are students enrolled in the Internationally Educated Engineering Qualification program (IEEQ) and the Engineering Access Program (ENGAP).

Co-op/IIP is also committed to assisting students with job search and networking opportunities. We advocate for students with an expanding base of employers in Manitoba and across Canada to increase student access to exciting job opportunities that will enhance their education. Our efforts find new employers and increases the number of possible future employers.

Co-op/IIP connects employers with motivated students that have been prepared to contribute to their organizations. Flexible work terms, (4, 8, 12, or 16 months), and year-round availability of students allows each employer to create the Co-op/IIP program that works best for their industry conditions. Ease of recruiting saves time and money for employers. Co-op/IIP employers are eligible for provincial grants and tax rebates.


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