About Us

Co-op is a valuable partnership between the university, employers and students, whereby students complement their academic study with paid work experience in an engineering field. The training and experience co-op students receive on work terms, combined with their academic knowledge, prepares them for the work force after graduation. Students have an opportunity to explore different career choices and develop contacts in the industry.

We strive to assist employers by providing access to high achieving, skilled  and motivated students. Flexible work terms, (4, 8, 12, or 16 months), and continuous intake of students allows each employer to create the co-op program that works best for them. Ease of recruiting saves time and money for employers. Co-op employers are eligible for provincial grants and tax rebates.

The Faculty of Engineering is also committed to assisting students. We provide access to exciting job opportunities that will enhance their education and increase their exposure to possible future employers.

Co-operative education is available in all of our departments and programs, including Biosystems, Civil, Electrical & Computer, and Mechanical. Within each of these departments and programs are students enrolled in the Internationally Educated Engineering Qualification program (IEEQ) and the Engineering Access Program (ENGAP).

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