Employer Benefits

Co-op/IIP cooperates with employers. We will work with you to support your organizational needs. Here are some of the services and benefits we offer:

•    Co-op/IIP students are available for 4, 8, 12 or 16 month terms beginning in January, May
     or September giving you an employee when you need them for as long as you need them.
•    Use Co-op/IIP as a recruitment strategy for industry ready grads.
•    Our office will help advertise your posting and assist in finding the best candidate(s).
•    The hiring process is at your discretion, with our support. (No rank and match)
•    Motivated students! All Co-op/IIP students are required to complete resume and interview
     workshops as well as participate in mock interviews.
•    Co-op/IIP students are accountable to us and are required to complete a report for each
     four-month period.
•    Our office will assist and provide documentation to your company in order to take
     advantage of the Co-op/IIP student hiring incentives available.

For more information on hiring incentives, please click on the Hiring Incentives Link.

If you have further questions connect with our staff, please click on the Contact Us link.

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