Co-op/IIP Stories

Having a degree is good but having a coop industry experience is great!
I would never have traded my coop opportunity for any other opportunity. Enrolling in the Engineering coop program at the University of Manitoba was one of the best decision I have made at the time. It is a decision that I made late in my 3rd year of Mechanical Engineering but it was so worth it that I decided to take a semester off and extend my coop term with the City of Edmonton and I later took up another coop placement with Government of Nunavut. I got my current job not just because I have engineering degree but largely because I have had the most relevant municipal experience from my coop placements.
I would encourage every engineering students to take up a coop stream and get coop placement, you will never regret it!
I’m grateful to the Engineering coop office for all their support throughout the program and even after leaving the program.

                                      ~Daniel R. Mach –E.I.T
                                        City of Winnipeg - Water & Waste Department

More stories to come...tell us yours!

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