The Internationally-Educated Engineers Qualifications (IEEQ) Program is a program of university engineering courses, co-op work experience, cultural orientation, language and communication support, and professional networking. Most people will be able to complete the program in 12 months, although the option to complete the program over 24 months also exists. Through the IEEQ Program, internationally-educated engineers are considered ’academically qualified’ by EGM, as part of the process of achieving a P.Eng. licence in Manitoba.

The IEEQ Program is designed for Internationally-educated engineers as a pathway to be considered academically qualified by the Engineering Geoscientists Manitoba (EGM), as part of the process toward a P.Eng. license in Manitoba. Internationally-educated engineers who take the IEEQ Program are men and women who already hold an engineering degree from outside of Canada, who generally have extensive engineering work experience from outside of Canada, who have recently immigrated to Canada, and who wish to continue their engineering career and seek professional licensure with EGM in Manitoba.

There are two main requirements to become registered as a P.Eng. in Manitoba: academic qualification and acceptable engineering work experience. Previously, the only way for internationally-educated engineers to achieve academic qualification was to write Confirmatory Examinations assigned by EGM. The IEEQ Program is an alternative to the Confirmatory Exam process.

The IEEQ Program includes technical courses and co-op work experience, augmented by a consistent emphasis on cultural orientation, English communication development, and professional networking. Students can choose to complete the program over one or two years. The IEEQ Program is a time-effective alternative to Confirmatory Examinations, immersion in the English technical vocabulary and Canadian codes & standards of the discipline, intensive cultural orientation, Canadian engineering work experience, and introductions to a local engineering network of fellow students, professors, co-op employers and colleagues.

For more information about the IEEQ Program, please visit their program website.