Applying for admission into Engineering graduate programs through the Faculty of Graduate Studies requires several important steps. Please read through these 5 steps below prior to asking for more information from departmental advisors.


STEP 1: Find an advisor

Each of the department websites as well as the Research Advisors pages contain lists of professors who are currently doing research in the Faculty of Engineering. Before applying to any graduate program, you must ensure that you have an advisor who is willing to work with you as a graduate student. Contact the professor you are interested in working with to see if he or she is currently looking for graduate students. This must be tentatively accepted by a professor before you can proceed with your application.

Important Note - Some Engineering programs require some pre-application documentation to help professors in their decision about whether or not to accept you as a graduate student. Visit the graduate studies pages of the department in question to see if you need to complete any additional documentation to help in this process.

STEP 2: Check application deadlines

The Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) defers to deadlines set by the Engineering departments as each department intakes and graduates students at different times to meet professional exam periods, audition schedules, federal testing, practicum/clinical rotations, etc. Students can begin study in Fall term (September), Winter term (January), Summer 1 term (May), and Summer 2 (July). It is important that you check each department's information page to ensure that you are aware of their specific deadlines and requirements. Although FGS outlines general application deadlines, the department-set deadlines are most important to adhere to.

General guidelines are as follows (dates indicate time prior to study start date):

  Dept FGS Dept FGS


4 months 2 months 7 months 5 months
Biosystems 3 months 2 months 6 months 5 months
Civil 4 months 2 months 7 months 5 months
Electrical & Computer 4 months 2 months 7 months 5 months
Mechanical 4 months 2 months 7 months 5 months

STEP 3: Complete English language proficiency requirements (if necessary)

All students for whom English is not your primary language, must complete a recognized English language proficiency test.

NOTE: Some Engineering programs may require a minimum greater that what is listed

STEP 4: Review requirements


The FGS admission pages detail process, admission requirements, documents needed, and payment information for application to any graduate-level program. Review all requirements before applying to avoid delays in having your application processed.

STEP 5: Apply online through Faculty of Graduate Studies


Use the online FGS application system to apply for your program once all other requirements have been met. If you have any questions, please contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

500 University Centre
Phone: (204) 474-9377
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For more information regarding graduate studies, please contact:

Cyrus Shafai
Professor & Associate Dean
(Research/Graduate Programs)
E2-290G EITC
Tel: 204-474-9835