The Faculty has active partnerships in China with the following universities: Ningbo University and Shanghai University.

The partnership with Ningbo University includes an undergraduate Visiting Student Program in Mechanical Engineering whereby students from NBU come to study at the University of Manitoba as tuition paying visiting students for up to one year. Courses taken at the University of Manitoba are then transferred back to their home university. A Transfer Program in Mechanical Engineering has also been dveloped whereby the students complete up to ninteen courses in China at NBU and completes their degree program at the University of Manitoba to obtain a UM Engineering Degree in Mechancal Engineering. The agreement also includes Faculty exchanges and training.

The Faculty also has a Graduate Education agreement with Shanghai University.

For more information regarding exchange & partner programs, please contact:

J.P. Burak, P.Eng., M.Sc.
Lead - Partnerships, Mobility and Advising for Hybrid and International Programs
E1-290 EITC
Phone: (204) 474-8974