Prospective Graduate Students

The University of Manitoba International Centre for Students offers programs and services to help international students before and after their arrival to ease their transition to Canada and ensure their experience is enjoyable, safe, and successful.

Winnipeg is a mature city of some 700,000 people with rich recreational and cultural opportunities. It combines the amenities of urban life with easy access to the countryside and to northern lakes and forests.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1913. The Department’s M.Sc. program started in 1957 and the Ph.D. program started in 1968. The graduate student population has grown over the years with a pattern that generally follow the growth pattern for total academic staff (graduate student enrollment of about 3 in the early 1960s to around 110 in 2000s. The Department consists of highly qualified engineering and scientists with interlocking specialization, with doctoral degrees and post-doctoral honours from universities and research institutions around the world. Opportunities exist in both basic and applied research projects.

Degrees Offered

Presently the Department of Mechanical Engineering offers graduate degree through the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Master of Science, Master of Engineering and the Doctor of Philosophy levels.

The Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) program mainly provides working engineers and internationally trained engineers an opportunity to continue their studies and specialize in an area of interest. Applicants must have a minimum of B.Sc. degree in Engineering. In exceptional cases, based on the candidate’s professional experience, this requirement may be waived by the department.
The minimum requirement for the award of the M.Eng. degree is 24 credit hours of coursework with at least nine credit hours at the 700/7000 level. Of the 24 credit hours, six credit hours will be assigned to an approved project and report (069.705 M.Eng. Project and Report). The maximum time allowed for completion of the degree requirements is four years.

Applicants are normally required to hold a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field from a recognized university. Applicants with other engineering degrees or with honours degrees in related areas may also be accepted at the discretion of the department. In certain cases (e.g., non-engineering graduates), acceptance may be subject to satisfying certain requirements. Contact the department for more information.
A minimum of 12 credit hours of coursework will be required with at least nine credit hours at the 700/7000 level as approved by the student’s advisor. The minimum time is one calendar year of full-time study and research and must be spent on campus. The maximum time limit is four years. All candidates for the M.Sc. degree are required to register in MECG 7890, M.Sc. Graduate Research Seminar. The M.Sc. degree will not be awarded without a passing grade in MECG 7890.

Admission to the Ph.D. program is normally from the Master’s degree level. Master’s students making exceptional progress while enrolled in their program may be transferred to the Ph.D. program upon the consent of the department head based on recommendations from the student’s advisor and an appointed selection committee who investigate the student’s qualifications and suitability for Ph.D. study.
Minimum Program requirements set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies are found in the Graduate Studies Regulations Section of the Calendar. All candidates of the Ph.D. are required to register in MECG 7900, Ph.D. Graduate Research Seminar. The Ph.D. will not be awarded without a passing grade in MECG 7900. In addition, the department has supplementary regulations and students should consult with the department regarding Supplementary Regulations.