Graduate Admissions

Graduate Admission Procedure

Individuals interested in pursuing a graduate degree within the Department of Mechanical Engineering must satisfy the following admission requirements established by the Department and the University.

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  • Students seeking admission to a graduate program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering must complete the Application for Admission available from the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Admission will not be granted unless all relevant documentation referred to in the Application for Admission form is received by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
  • Prospective students must first meet the general admission requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  To be considered for admission, a prospective student must hold a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (or a related discipline) from a recognized university. In addition, he/she must have achieved a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 in the last two full years (60 credit hours) of study.  For individuals whose first language is not English, requirements include a need to demonstrate English Proficiency by a minimum TOEFL (or equivalent) score of Paper-based test (567); Computer-based test (213); Internet-based test (86).  Institutional Code 0973.
  • In addition, prospective students must meet Department requirements for their individual program of study (M.Eng, M.Sc. or Ph.D.).  Please refer to Supplementary Regulations for  these requirements.
  • Prior to the admissions process, each student must also receive acceptance from a faculty member in the Department of Mechanical Engineering who is willing to supervise his or her research activities.

Deadlines & Fees

The Department of Mechanical Engineering allows graduate students to begin their program in January, May, July or September of each year. Canadian and US students should send their applications with supporting documentation directly to the Faculty of Graduate Studies no less than three (3) months before the intended start date. International students should send their applications no later than seven months (7) before the intended start date.

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Payment of fees information is provided on the first page of the Application Form.

Incoming Students' Orientation

To provide our new graduate students with the essentials related to their graduate studies, every year, we will have graduate program orientation sessions. The focus of the orientation in our department will be an overview of our research program, general departmental policies, supplementary regulations and new initiatives for the coming year. New students will also be given an opportunity to meet returning students. The half day orientation session will be scheduled to coordinate with the orientation programs organized by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Centre for International Students, and the University of Manitoba Graduate Student Association. Each organization has its own full-day/full-week orientation program for new and returning graduate students. For example, the Graduate Students Association schedules the annual orientation/welcome back activities over a week period. In addition to food and fun, this week of activities includes highlights of Manitoba, campus tours, information sessions discussing the rights and responsibilities of graduate students, the role of the association and of an adviser on graduate student life, academic responsibility and other academic concerns surrounding research and education, introduction to some of the professional services that are available to graduate students, such as Certification in Higher Education Teaching, how to plan and write a thesis, how to maximize the library, and copyright issues.

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