UofM IDEA Program

Deadline for submissions is Friday, August 23rd, 2013

The University of Manitoba Innovative Design for Engineering Applications (UofM IDEA) Program is an initiative within the Faculty of Engineering, which works to involve the engineering industry in student education. In an engineering student’s final year, they must participate in a design course, in which they are to develop and design solutions to various projects and problems submitted from industry. The UofM IDEA Program functions to act as a liaison between industry and the faculty, in order to discuss and acquire any potential projects. The program works with the members of industry to develop and focus the scope of the project in order to make it manageable for the students. Industry involvement in engineering education is strongly encouraged, as it establishes a productive collaboration between industry and engineering students, and ultimately produces an increased number of skilled design engineers.

The program generates university credited design projects for several groups of 3 - 5 engineering students, who spend approximately 300 hours on the submitted project. The final project outcome results in a comprehensive final written report, oral presentation, and, depending on the nature and scale of the project, an economic analysis or prototype could be developed.

Please view the IDEA E-Brochure for some important details about the program. 


For more information please contact:

Emil-Peter Sosnowski (Program Coordinator)




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2012 Project Posters

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