Dean's Office


Beddoes, Jonathan Professor & Dean Email E2-290N 474-9806
Friesen, Marcia Associate Professor &
Associate Dean
(Design Education)
Email E2-262B 474-7873
Sepehri, Nariman Professor & Associate Dean
(Undergraduate Programs)
Email E2-290B 474-9821
Shafai, Cyrus
Professor & Associate Dean
(Research/Graduate Programs)
Email E2-290G 474-9835


Bonilla, Celina Accounting & Administrative Assistant Email E2-290 474-7246
Brown, Michele Business Manager Email E2-290M 474-8986
Burak, Jean-Paul (JP) Lead - Partnership, Mobility and Advising for Hybrid and International Programs Coordinator - Curriculum Management Committee Email E1-290 474-8974
Dyson, Kirk Facilities Coordinator Email E2-223 474-8203
McGregor, Kristy
Awards & Data Coordinator
(Undergraduate Awards)
Email E1-284 474-7506
Malawski, Keverley Office Assistant
(Graduate Awards)
Email E2-290 474-9809
Premak, Janet Events & Recruitment Coordinator Email E1-284 474-7416
Schroen-Galinaitis, Judy Student Services Coordinator
(Undergraduate Programs)
Email E1-284A 474-9808
Smith, Victoria Student Advisor (Preliminary Engineering Program) Email E1-284 474-9807
O'Reilly, Brandy
Communications and Special Projects Email E3-373 474-7938
Riemer, Dayna Classroom Booking Coordinator Email E1-284 474-9167
Tilly, Janice Executive Assistant to the Dean Email E2-290 474-9828
Valete, Liezel Assistant to the Business Manager Email E2-290 474-7377