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With new opportunities to learn and work in an innovative and dynamic field, in the community, and in a variety of roles—now’s the time to pursue an education degree at Manitoba’s only research-intensive university. Learn what it means to inspire the next generation of learners.

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*Application deadline: Feb. 1

With greater program flexibility and more practicum options, the Faculty of Education offers you opportunities unique to the University of Manitoba.

Our new program offers:

  • Increased emphasis on teaching to diversity;
  • Courses better informed by Indigenous perspectives;
  • More integration of classroom technology;
  • Broader preparation for the K-12 experience, and
  • More variety in practicum experiences.


The Faculty of Education, Bachelor of Education (BEd) offers an after-degree program

What is an after-degree program? Students must first complete a degree before beginning their BEd. After-degree programs allow you to immerse yourself in the teachable subject areas that you desire to teach before you learn how to teach. This dedicated learning will make you a better-informed teacher in the classroom. Graduates with this experience are sought out by employers because of their more specialized undergraduate education. Graduates with a four-year degree, plus a two-year BEd degree typically earn more in their first year and in perpetuity.

Focus on learning to teach specific age groups
The BEd program offers stream options that allow you to choose the age group you want to learn to teach. We highly recommend that applicants gain some experience working with the age groups they think they want to teach before applying to a specific stream. For more information on each of the stream areas, select the links listed below.

It takes two years of full-time study to complete a Bachelor of Education (
part-time options are available, however, students have up to six years to complete the degree part time).

The Practicum (school experience)
While in the Faculty of Education, you will have the opportunity to apply your skills during your practicum in inner-city, suburban, rural, and/or international classroom settings with support from faculty advisors, professors, and your peers. These learning opportunities will provide you with the important experiences you need to begin a career as a confident and competent teacher.

Read Gaston's story.


Stream Options

Find more information on the BEd program in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar & Catalog or call (204) 474-9004, or toll free in Manitoba: 1-800-432-1960.


Early Years (Kindergarten – Grade 4)

Early years teachers are generalists and teach most of the subject areas. They also draw on the experiences of children to develop exciting learning opportunities.

Unique to the early years program is the considerable amount of time that students spend in the early years classroom outside of the practicum experience. This supportive delivery model accelerates student learning and better prepares students for a career as an early years teacher.


Middle Years (grades 5 – 8)

Middle-years teachers are generalists and teach many of the subject areas, while helping students develop their individual strengths, as well as their roles and responsibilities within the school and community.

Middle-years teachers examine the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of adolescents.


Senior Years (grades 9 – 12)

Senior-years teachers help their students establish their learning goals and vision for the future, while sharing the passion of their subject areas. Senior-years teachers play a major role in preparing their students for vocational training or post-secondary education opportunities.

Desautels Faculty of Music, Bachelor of Music (Music Education) program

For more information on the BEd program, consult the Undergraduate Academic Calendar & Catalog, or call (204) 474-9004, or toll-free in Manitoba: 1-800-432-1960.



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Need help? Email us or call 204-474-9004, or toll free in Manitoba: 1-800-432-1960.

Employment after the BEd program

Earning a Bachelor of Education degree makes it possible for you to teach in any K-12 grade classroom in Manitoba, as well as in classrooms around the world. And, by studying to become a teacher, you will also gain a foundation from which you can build a meaningful and worthwhile career in the field of education that can go beyond the classroom experience, and into non-teaching positions.

Discover and develop transferable skills by training to become a teacher.

Careers available in Education include:
K-12 classroom teacher
Adult educator
Correctional teacher
Business education teacher
Educational assistant
Language teacher
English as an Additional Language teacher
Learning specialist
Clinical instructor
Student support teacher
Trades educator
Educational administrator
Outreach teacher / youth worker
Curriculum designer
Education consultant
Education researcher

Please note, additional training may be necessary for some of these positions