WestCAST 2018
Contemporary Classrooms as Complex Spaces

Photograph Gallery: Designing and Enacting Learning Spaces

 Feb. 21-23, 2018, Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

All conference delegates are invited to bring one or more photographs to the WestCAST 2018 Photograph Gallery: Designing and Enacting Learning Spaces. This gallery provides opportunities for delegates to visually share and discover new ideas for arranging space, equipment, and materials in the classroom by “pinning” photographs to display boards. Time will provided for delegates to tour the gallery and peruse the photographs and ideas exhibited. Photographs should be approximately 8x11 inches or larger and accompanied by a title and caption that briefly explains the image. Photographs and captions can be submitted when you pick up your name tag and delegate bag or at any other time in the WestCAST 2018 Conference Hub (Room 225 Education).

Photographs might include:

  • Bulletin boards as teaching and learning tools;
  • Images of land-based learning;
  • Aesthetically pleasing learning spaces;
  • Classroom environments that enable differentiation;
  • Interactive classroom displays;
  • Pedagogical documentation panels;
  • Nooks promoting student inquiry and exploration;
  • Collaborative group-learning areas;
  • Stimulating, active-learning places;
  • Unique classroom layouts;
  • Effective approaches for shelving materials, and
  • Ways to bring the outdoors in.

 WestCAST 2018 - imagine - design - enact