WestCAST 2018
Contemporary Classrooms as Complex Spaces

Mentorship Strand

 Feb. 21-23, 2018, Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

Mentoring for Teacher Candidates

This series is designed specifically for cooperating teachers and faculty advisors working with teacher candidates in practicum settings. It will highlight the role of professionals who are growth agents supporting the transformation, learning, and development of teacher candidates and early service teachers.

The five-session sequence will focus on the following knowledge, skills, and dispositions that support meaningful mentoring relationships:

  • Understanding adult learning principles for optimal engagement;
  • Practicing committed listening and establishing trust;
  • Working within a framework and continuum to consult, collaborate, and coach;
  • Utilizing verbal tools including: pausing, paraphrasing, inquiring, and extending to develop new understandings; and
  • Offering support, creating challenge, and facilitating vision for teacher candidates.


Kathy Collis, Program Director
Professional Learning and Leadership Centre
Winnipeg School Division

Gail Ruta Fontaine, Support Teacher
Winnipeg School Division Induction and Mentoring Program
Professional Learning and Leadership Centre

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