Strategic Priorities
  1. Program Innovation and Quality
  2. Research
  3. Partnership and Engagement
  4. Organizational Effectiveness

Priority 1: Program Innovation and Quality

We must identify and respond proactively to learners' changing needs, reach out to new or underserved groups of learners, design and deliver programs in ways that increase flexibility and optimize the use of resources, and use learning technologies appropriately and effectively. Innovation ensures new program development, program evaluation and renewal, flexible delivery approaches, and increased access to learning opportunities


  • Meet new and emerging learner needs
  • Strengthen ongoing programming
  • Enhance student success and experience
  • Meet students' needs for accessibility, acceleration and completion

Priority 2: Research

To inform programming and contribute to research and scholarship goals, we must develop research capacity and increase research activity by supporting applied research, building research skills through staff development, and recognizing and promoting the research accomplishments of staff. Ongoing information gathering from learners, instructors, and other stakeholders about our programs and services is an essential component of program quality, and supports learner recruitment, retention, engagement, success, and satisfaction.


  • Increase research activity and visibility
  • Utilize research findings to enhance program and service quality
  • Employ program research findings in decision-making

Priority 3: Partnership and Engagement

We must develop, maintain, and extend collaborative, mutually beneficial partnerships that link the resources of the institution to the needs of our learning communities. Our partnerships include academic and administrative units within the University; local, national and, where appropriate, international organizations; and academic/professional associations that support our academic programs.


  • Strengthen and expand internal UM collaboration and engagement
  • Strengthen and expand external collaboration and engagement

Priority 4: Organizational Effectiveness

To successfully provide an outstanding student experience, we must promote service, excellence, optimal use of constrained resources, leading-edge processes, and strategic communication and marketing activities. An effective organization is supported by teamwork, open communication, respect, staff development, equity, and the opportunity for all staff to participate and contribute in a meaningful way to the mission of Extended Education.


  • Continuously improve processes
  • Outstanding employer: Support and develop our employees
  • Ensure financial sustainability
  • Ensure effective physical facilities/space