General Information

    Extended Education is a division of the University of Manitoba that develops and delivers off-campus degree credit and non-degree courses, on-campus summer session courses, distance and online courses, as well as an extensive list of certificate programs. Students include professionals, new learners, aboriginal communities, Canadian Forces personnel and international students.

    Accessible education and opportunities for continuous learning are primary objectives for the Division. These strategic objectives are linked to the University’s public service role, and outlined in its mission statement. There is a recognition that there is a need to promote continuing education activities to support the economic well-being and lifelong learning opportunities for all individuals.

    Extended Education makes the university's resources available in the time, place and format that is most practical to suit the needs of working professionals. Flexible timeframes and programs are the hallmark of the Division. As well as offering compact versions of university courses, graduates who already have their degrees can also increase their marketability in certain areas. The Division works closely with faculties at the University, as well as professional associations, community organizations and agencies.