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The University of Manitoba (UM) awarded the first Bachelor of Arts in 1880 with its inaugural graduating class of one. Over the next 133 years, more than 50,000 Bachelor of Arts degrees have been conferred. When you enter the Faculty of Arts, you are in good company. From artists to authors, government officials to human rights activists and philanthropists, some of the most influential people in Canada are graduates of the Faculty of Arts.

The goal of Faculty of Arts undergraduate programs is to provide students with a liberal education in the humanities and social sciences, and at the same time prepare them for future careers. An Arts education is intended to enable students to solve problems, to be sensitive to the social and physical environment, and to acquire breadth of learning with an appreciation of our cultural, political, and economic milieu.

A Bachelor of Arts degree can lead to careers in such fields as business, government, management or education. It provides basic training for those who seek entry to such professions as law and social work and provides a base for all future learning.

For further information about an Arts degrees, please refer to “Why Study Liberal Arts?".

Students completing the Bachelor of Arts General degree may select courses that lead to a major in Canadian Studies, History, English, Political Studies, and Psychology. Minor programs are available in Anthropology, Canadian Studies, Economics, English, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Studies, Psychology, Religion and Sociology. In addition, students may complete an Advanced major in Psychology.

Degrees Offered by Distance and Online Education

Degree *total course credit hours
Bachelor of Arts (General) 90
Bachelor of Arts (Advanced – Psychology only) 120
Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies 90

*This includes one year (30 credit hours) of study in University 1.
There is no time limit for completion of any of the above degree programs. Students may complete their degree on a full-time or part-time basis.

For General and Advanced Degree Program requirements,
refer to the Arts section of the Academic Calendar.

Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies Degree Program

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