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Endowed and Sponsored Chairs and Professorships

The Faculty of Arts at the University of Manitoba is also home to endowed chairs and professorships created through contributions from individuals, government agencies, foundations and/or corporations, which provide targeted support in defined research fields. Current chairholders include:

Chair, Icelandic Language and Literature

Established in 1951, the Chair is funded with an endowment created by the Icelandic community in North America. The Chair embodies the desire of the Icelandic community in Canada and the United States to uphold its literary traditions and to foster continuing interest in Icelandic and North American- Icelandic history. It has also served as a focal point for the teaching of Icelandic culture and language.

Dr. Jennifer Dueck
Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair in the Modern History of the Middle East and North Africa

Established in 2007, the Chair's mission is to build knowledge and enhance understanding of the peoples, cultures, and societies in Middle East and North-West Africa (Maghreb). It will also explore the trans-regional and trans-national forces at work in the Middle East, given the region's increasingly central role in international affairs.

Dr. Barry Ferguson
Duff Roblin Professorship

Established in 1996, the Professor's mission is to enhance the study of Canadian Government and public affairs, and to aid the educational development of younger scholars through the Duff Roblin Fellowship Program, which is overseen by the Duff Roblin Professor. 

To learn more about endowing or sponsoring a chair, contact Donor Relations.