Concentration and Electives


  • You must complete at least one Concentration. For the BAIS degree, a Concentration is equivalent to a Minor program consisting of 18 credit hours. You may complete a Concentration (Minor) offered by the Faculty of Arts or any other faculty/school at the University of Manitoba.
  • For a list of Concentrations (Minors) by departments in the Faculty of Arts, please refer to Sections 7 and 8 in their entry in the Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Calendar. For those offered by other faculties or schools, check their Calendar pages.
  • A grade of “C” or better in the prerequisite course(s) is required for entry into most Concentrations.
  • You can declare a Concentration once the prerequisite has been satisfied. If a course is a prerequisite for a second course, the prerequisite must be met in order to begin the second course. To determine whether or not a course has a prerequisite, see the course descriptions in the Calendar. Normally, a minimum grade of “C” is required in all courses listed as prerequisites, except as otherwise noted in the course descriptions. For some courses, the prerequisite may be completed before registering for the second course or may be taken concurrently with the second course. To determine if a course may be taken concurrently, see the course descriptions in the Undergraduate Calendar.
  • A course that satisfies the Foundations requirement cannot be used towards a Concentration.
  • A Concentration will be recorded on your transcript. If you wish to take additional courses towards a second Concentration you can do so within your elective component. If you complete a second Concentration you may submit a written request to the Dean’s Office to have a second Concentration recorded on your transcript.


You must complete 51 credit hours of electives outside the Foundations courses and those courses you use to satisfy an area of Concentration.