University of Manitoba - Faculty of Arts - Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Awards
Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Awards

The Faculty of Arts Teaching Excellence Committee gives two awards in the Spring of each year to recognize and reward excellence in teaching by graduate students. The awards are sponsored by the Arts Graduating Classes of 1943 and 1968, and the Dean of Arts.

Graduate students in the Faculty of Arts who are responsible for teaching either a three or six credit hour course in the Faculty during the Regular Session preceding the award, and who have not been the recipient of the Faculty of Arts Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Award in previous years.

The Award - Two $500 awards will be given each Spring. The names of the recipients will be engraved on the Faculty of Arts' Wall of Recognition.

Nomination deadlines: April 30th of each year, however nominations are accepted at any time of the year.*

*The nominee must have taught during the year immediately preceding the nomination submission deadline date

In addition the nominees must submit a teaching dossier1 containing the following pertinent information:

Required Documentation:

    1. a letter of support from one of the following:
      Department Head, Associate Department Head, Chair of the department's Graduate Program, or nominee's Graduate Supervisor; and
    2. the results of a standardized teaching evaluation survey currently used by the University the Manitoba–the Student Evaluation of Education Quality, or SEEQ, as administered by the nominee's department

Optional Documentation:

Nominees are encouraged to add any other relevant evidence to their teaching dossier. Such additional documentation might include:

    1. letters of support from faculty members who are familiar with the nominee's teaching;
    2. evidence of leadership activities in the area of teaching, such as assisting a faculty member in conducting a workshop for Teaching Assistants;
    3. evidence of efforts to improve their own teaching, such as attendance at the Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) or the Centre for Higher Education Research and Development (CHERD) workshops; or non-credit or credit teaching courses;
    4. research on teaching, publications, or presentations to graduate student groups, their department, at conferences; and
    5. other evidence of outstanding teaching or teaching-related performance.

Selection and Announcement

The Teaching Excellence Committee will review the nominees' teaching dossiers and make their selections by the end of May.