University of Manitoba - Faculty of Arts - Promotion Applications 2018
Promotion Applications 2018

The following candidates from the Faculty of Arts will have a promotion hearing this fall/winter:

  • Brenda Austin-Smith, Department of English, Theatre, Film & Media
  • Danielle Dubois, Department of Religion
  • Christopher Fries, Department of Sociology
  • Derek Johnson, Department of Anthropology
  • Erin Keating, Department of English, Theatre, Film & Media
  • Kiera Ladner, Department of Political Studies
  • Launa Leboe-McGowan, Department of Psychology
  • Karine Levasseur, Department of Political Studies
  • Will Oxford, Department of Linguistics
  • Nicole Rosen, Department of Linguistics
  • Jennifer Theule, Department of Psychology
  • Christopher Tillman, Department of Philosophy
  • John Serieux, Department of Economics
  • Carlos Yepez, Department of Economics

I invite any submissions you may wish to make regarding the candidates with respect to their scholarship, teaching, and service.  All submissions will be shared with the promotion committee. 

Please note that submissions must be signed*, and should not include anything in the BODY of the letter that identifies the writer.

*if sending support via e-mail, please include/attach a signed letter to the e-mail communication (scan then e-mail the letter)

Department Heads are asked to draw this request to the attention of all students.  Submissions should be made to Dean Jeff Taylor,
and must arrive no later than October 12, 2018. 

Late submissions will not be accepted.

The document, Promotion in the Faculty of Arts: Procedures and Criteria, is available on the Arts web site: