Events 2001
CUCS celebrates 20th anniversary

Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chrétien congratulates the Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies.
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October 4
Ukrainian Avant-garde symposium to be held at the University
September 16
St. Andrew's College inauguration

Annual opening exercises of St. Andrew's College at the University of Manitoba.

August 4
Unveiling of Genocide Statue in Dauphin, Manitoba

Speech given by Dr. Oleh Gerus at the unveiling of a monument to the victims of the Ukrainian famine-genocide, 1932-33, at Memorial Park, Selo Ukraina in Dauphin, Manitoba.
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March 10
Taras Shevchenko in World Music: Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Rachmaninov and Prokofiev

Presentation in English by Dr. Denis Hlynka.

February 16-18
Multiculturalism in the New Millenium Conference

An important and successful conference titled "Multiculturalism in the new Millenium" sponsored by the Ukrainian Professional and Business Association.
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