Courses 2018-2019

1st term


Three hours of lectures plus one hour of lab per week. Basic grammar, conversation, composition and reading. Emphasis is placed on communication skills. Cultural content is introduced through a range of audio-visual materials. (Shared with German and Slavic Studies.) 
Location:   Room 123, St. Paul's College   Time: T/Th   5:30-6:45 PM
Instructor: TBA

2nd term

ECONOMY OF UKRAINE ECON 2510 (3 cr. hr.)

A study of the Ukrainian Economy in Eastern Europe: socioeconomic history, state and structure of the Ukrainian economy within the former Soviet Union, prospects and problems of economic restructuring. 
Location: Classroom D, St. Andrew’s College     Time: T 2:30-5:15 PM 
Instructor: Dr. D. Daycock